30 in 30 11: Thanksgiving Special

L-Theanine to prevent the hangover

30 in 30 11: Thanksgiving Special

Awe. Compassion. Gratitude. Self-Transcendent Emotions. "Universally experienced, reliably expressed, and accompanied by specific biological changes."

Awe, "the perception of being in the presence of something vast that the individual does not immediately understand," arises in leaders with other-worldy skills like hunting. In ancient culture, apex hunters inspired awe which earned followers which imposed hierarchical structures that prioritized group goals over selfishness. Nature's awesome too.

Compassion, "feeling concern for another’s suffering accompanied by the motivation to help... is experienced toward a variety of targets ranging from others who suffer emotionally to those in immediate danger." This feeling is for childcare. Babies suffer. Compassion gets them the care they need. Generalized, compassion makes you care for the babies you live with, work with, and hang out with daily. Especially your internal baby. But self-compassion is something else altogether.

Gratitude, "flows from the perception that one has benefited from the costly, intentional, voluntary action of another person and is part of a family of emotions that includes related states such as appreciation." Gratitude is empirically good for your health, wealth, and well-being. Grateful people get fewer illness symptoms. Gratitude inspires reciprocity and new wealth networks. Most importantly, it directly improves mental health, all but forcing you and those around you to smile.

So this Thanksgiving, act like Deadpool: be grateful to have loved ones in your life, be compassionate towards yourself, your coworkers, your clients, and remember, we live in an absurdly awesome world. Happy Holidays!