30 in 30 15: Treasures of Learning

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30 in 30 15: Treasures of Learning

Self-regulated learning is an end in-itself worth pursing. Every action you take is a learning experience. Ability to extract maximum value from each action is success.

Here's how to succeed in three easy phases:

  1. Forethought
  2. Performance
  3. Self-Reflection

Phase Forethought entails goal setting, strategic planning, and self-motivation. Masters focus on self-efficacy, positive outcome expectations, intrinsic interest, and valuing the process of learning itself.

Phase Performance entails imagery, attention, self-instruction, and self-observation. Masters test strategies to improve each time they learn, spending 4+ hours a day on skill advancement.

Phase Self-Reflection entails self-judgement and self-reaction. Masters judge strategies, not themselves, discard the ineffective and double down on what's highly effective.

Recall now Edmond Dantes, a.k.a. Abbe Busoni, Lord Wilmore, Sinbad the Sailor, The Count of Monte Cristo himself, fiction's greatest self-learner of all time. Upon meeting a mad priest in prison, Dantes becomes a god-tier polymath capable of complex economics, sword-fights, and escape plans.

Motivated to take his wife back from the man who framed him, he breaks out of jail, locates buried treasure, forges multiple identities, gains social and political power with AOC-like speed, then carries out an extravagant, intricate stratagem that ends in a climactic fight to the death with his sworn enemy.

While Dantes may not have explicitly learned as an end in itself, he may as well have given his success. Now use these strategies to retake the world!