30 in 30 18: The Conscientious Bluth

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30 in 30 18: The Conscientious Bluth

The Big Five is the most heavily research-backed, widely applied personality test. Openness to Experience, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, and Conscientiousness all predict hundreds of outcomes across human life.

Of highest note, Conscientiousness predicts:

  • Health: More longevity, less drug abuse, risky sex & driving, unhealthy eating, violence, and suicide rates
  • Education: More education, higher GPAs, and lower failure rates
  • Wealth: Higher salary & status, longer tenure, and better production rates

And who's the healthiest, smartest, wealthiest person in fiction? Of course! It's Michael Bluth from Arrested Development!

Michael is a model representative for all six components of conscientiousness:

  1. Self-Efficacy: Every problem has a solution that he'll figure it out (since no one else will.)
  2. Orderliness: Always has a schedule, though others get in his way.
  3. Dutifulness: Strong sense of moral obligation to do what's right, and, unlike his father, a sense of duty to support the family.
  4. Achievement-Striving: Aims to elevate his family out of their model home and into a new era of Bluth prosperity, which was arrested when Michael Bluth Sr. went to prison.
  5. Self-Discipline: The only one in the family willing to to do the dirty work episode in, episode out. He perseveres through the pain of interacting with poor decision-makers daily.
  6. Cautiousness: Michael thinks through every action, devises multiple strategies, and considers all possible outcomes before initiating plans- not that any of them go right. But he tries.

See how conscientious you are, then increase your score if you can!