30 in 30 2: Beautiful Boogaloo

Today's 'nootropic': Jasmine Dragon Pearls

30 in 30 2: Beautiful Boogaloo

Your self image affects your preferences! In a landmark addition to self-construal research, academics from Sungkyunkwan University, one of South Korea's best schools found that:

  • People who identify as fundamentally connected to others prefer analogous colors.
  • People who identify as independent prefer complementary colors.
  • Findings extend to product packaging and branding.

More importantly, these findings extend into media. I finished watching Made in Abyss today, a 13 episode anime featuring chromatic brilliance on par with Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and plot as brutally violent, emotional, and informative as the Book of Genesis.

Riko, the main character searches what's known as the Abyss, a 7-layer primordial habitat of wild creatures drenched in a curse that cripples the mind and body from merely existing in it.

Riko lives to find her mother presumed to be at the bottom layer. Reg, her best friend, lives to protect Riko on her way down.

She's independent. He's interdependent.

Riko wears complementary colors and is often immersed in single-shade surroundings such as snow fields or vast, green, inverted forests. Reg, however, finds himself in heavily bordered environments with variety at the forefront of vision.

Though likely unintentional, I wonder if character color palettes are data-driven decisions or simply intuitive masterwork from experienced creators.  

To see if this effect affects you, take the test here then consider your color preferences.

P.S. Today's 'nootropic': Jasmine Dragon Pearls i.e. caffeine, L-Theanine, other psychoactives in Green Tea.