30 in 30 27: Goku's Heroism

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30 in 30 27: Goku's Heroism

Ernest Becker stripped humanity's many cultures to their naked core: a denial of death.

"The fact is that this is what society is and always has been: a symbolic action system, a structure of statuses and roles, customs and rules for behavior, designed to serve as a vehicle for earthly heroism."

Earthly "heroism is first and foremost a reflex of the terror of death." True fearlessness features fear, at least, the physiological effects of it. Moments of heroism spite death for a greater good, a purpose, a principle, a belief. That belief hardens into a stronger weapon than ever before in order to extinguish the fear-monger. All this, to "justify [your]self as an object of primary value in the universe." To add meaning, "cosmic significance" to your life. All societies aim to distance us humans from animals, death.

And the best at it are heroes. People like Goku.

Goku justifies his existence by fighting gods to protect his friends. Not only do his beliefs strengthen in face of death, but he gains power in defeat. Not to mention his world is literally built for heroism. In Dragon Ball, he enters a tournament of pure power, in Z, he beats a 'perfect' organism (and bad parenting), in GT, he becomes a dragon to (presumably) live forever.

Of course, there's the everyday heroism of paying bills on time, making your friends laugh, and striving in your career. So take a minute to consider: how are you heroic?