30 in 30 29: Reinhard's Power

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30 in 30 29: Reinhard's Power

Bertram Raven and John French determined six bases of power:

  1. Coercion: Threat of punishment
  2. Reward: Offer of reward
  3. Legitimacy: Acquired superior position
  4. Expertise: Knowing better
  5. Reference: Role-modeling
  6. Informational: Effective information

Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm uses all six to abolish the corrupt galactic monarchy and unify all people under his government.

Reinhard notably avoids coercion, for example, not punishing a treasonous subordinate, Muller. Muller later saves his life. However, he allows Hilde, his advisor, to punish a 'snitch' worse than the betrayer who committed the crime. That coerces his soldiers to obey.

Conversely, Reinhard promotes officers for their merits rather than their class. Since the monarchy he destroys is nepotistic, his own near-commoner upbringing makes him relatable to lower classes. This allows him to acquire talented personnel otherwise ignored by the current administration because of their noble differences.

Of course, anyone would die for Reinhard's cause because of his god-tier expertise, demonstrated by a half-dozen consecutive military victories, despite almost all those above him trying to get him exiled or killed. Ironically, these solidified legitimate power.

And then there's that one time his information was so powerful, his people acted on their own i.e. Oberstein informing Reinhard's would-be assassin that he had to let the assassins' nation die, otherwise there'd be five times as many deaths from an extended war.

When it comes down to it, Reinhard deserved to unify humanity under his charisma. See if you have what it takes.