30 in 30 30: The Synthesis


30 in 30 30: The Synthesis

30+ characters. 30+ concepts. 30+ nootropics. What did I learn?

How to find information on what I care about.

  1. Prioritize what's important to me (either the day of writing or from my general priorities).
  2. Search the single greatest resource of all time: Semantic Scholar.
  3. Find relevant seminal research OR a good literature review.
  4. Connect with a favorite character or show. Alternatively, find the closest trope on TV Tropes and use specific scenes for details.
  5. Analyze media through academic lens.

What I care about.

  • Stories.
  • Academia.
  • People, personalities, profits, and measurements.

How to edit for conciseness.

  • 250 words is short.
  • Keeping work under 250 words requires a tradeoff of nuance for density.
  • Ironically, sometimes you sacrifice clarity for length.  

How to stay consistent i.e. how to make time for work.

  • Know how long the task will take.
  • Prioritize it over leisure.
  • No sleep until task is finished.

How to time nootropics.

  • Kanna is a stimulant. I thought it was a sedative.
  • I took it at ~5pm. Did not sleep at all that night.
  • Lesson: test new consumables in mid-day or morning.

How to get level 1 Twitter engagement.

  • Tag important people and organizations. two of my most popular posts were liked by a university and an academic celebrity.
  • Be relevant to current events e.g. Thanksgiving.

How to analyze media from different angles.

  • Key finding: any sufficiently complex information framework that is relevant to humans or human societies is applicable to fictional characters and their worlds.

Thank you!