30 in 30 7: Pokéconomics

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30 in 30 7: Pokéconomics

Disordered societies suffer social losses due to private theft. Dictatorship societies suffer due to government theft. Socialist societies lean towards dictatorship by over-taxing citizens while hoarding unique products. Laissez-faire capitalist societies lean towards disorder- the rich get richer, poor, poorer, and re-balancing gets harder daily.

In the Pokémon universe, government is abysmal. A Queen exists in a single Season 9 episode, but otherwise, it's mayors, military and impotent police.

Powerful Pokémon trainers dominate the world. The Champion does as he/she pleases, followed by an Elite Four who charge thousands to face them let alone ask for help enforcing order. Locally, cities are run by Gym Leaders who run a similar racket.

On any given day, your favorite neighborhood kid gets their familiars knocked out, their money stolen, and a one-liner degrading them. Not to mention the main culprit: massive crime syndicates with better organization than any gym around.

But NBER provides solutions. Weak government should invest in sciences to breed legendary Pokémon and develop weapons strong enough to control the champion and impose order on local gangs. Nationalize gyms. Tax the Elite Four, the Battle Tower, and Team Rocket to keep track of where the money comes from and what it's buying. That should at least stop the outrageous weapons stockpiling by bandits these days.

Take a second and see if you can place your life on the Disorder-Dictatorship graph. Are you a self-dictator or as chaotic as a wild Mewtwo?