30 in 30 8: Kuvira College

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30 in 30 8: Kuvira College

Parents and their kids use different criteria to choose colleges.

Particularly, parents care significantly more about school reputation, campus safety, financial aid availability, professor quality, and of course, marriage prospects.

As you'd imagine, students could care less about marriage prospects, but they do care about friends, scholarships, athletics, and physical campus locations (i.e. comfortable environment, bearable weather).

Psychological analysis notwithstanding, researchers claim parents have 'more mature' opinions, understanding what is truly important to student success. That said, students and their parents agreed: academics are top priority.

Similarly, Avatar: The Legend of Korra details a classic familial conflict: how to govern society.

Kuvira, "Great Uniter", is a bit of a fascist. Against her mother Suyin's will, she dissolves Earth Kingdom's monarchy to build a global empire under the master metalbenders' supreme rule. A rule led by military might (similar to Poke politics.)

Ironically, Suyin's and her mother Toph also disagree with each other. Toph thinks things will work themselves out, even as ancient forests she calls home are drained of their literal spirit energy. Operating the equivalent of NYC's police force, she derived the precise wisdom: "different faces, same old beat." Or in other words, "War never changes." After all, everyone agrees on one top priority: people need government to survive.

Take a second to consider all the things you disagree with your parents about: politics, money, child-rearing... does any of it really matter? There's one top priority: survival. Are ya winning, son?