30 in 30 9: Golden Boy Studies

Resveratrol complex and d3 to keep me bloody brain flowing.

30 in 30 9: Golden Boy Studies

In 1991, the government funded Paul R. Pintrich to devise a manual on motivational and learning strategy effectiveness. Here are the now famous results in a nutshell:

Performance is improved by:

  • Intrinsic goal orientation: learning as an end in itself for the challenge, your curiosity, or mastery.
  • Perceived passion, importance, and utility of the subject.
  • Belief that outcomes result from effort, not incentives.
  • High performance expectations.
  • High self-efficacy: confidence in your ability to learn.
  • Successful anxiety coping mechanisms such as positive thinking and progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Knowing which strategies to use when.
  • Skill at metacognitive self-regulation (planning, monitoring, regulating), time and environment management, and effort regulation.

There's one man who taught me all of these techniques in high school: Kintaro Oe, the Golden Boy.

Kintaro is a Japanese freeter who drops out law school on his last day to pursue a life of learning. That man's catchphrase? STUDY STUDY STUDY!! Alternative: EDUCATIONAL! He's rewarded with beautiful women, eclectic experiences, and a host of skills applicable to any problem a.k.a. transference.

If you have a young son, and you want him to care about school, hand him an old Golden Boy VHS. Then send him a stream link. The VHS was just to get him interested. Learned that from Kintaro too.

Point is: Life is an infinite game of learning to survive. First step to success is awareness of the problem. Second is learning the solution. Take the MSLQ survey to learn more.