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How to contact me, in order of effectiveness.

  1. Text: 732-887-6468
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Reach out to me in any way you can. I love all people "regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or transgender status), age, disability, genetic information" or anything else you can think up.

Writing Portfolio

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Current Projects

  • Freelance copywriting, content writing, FB advertising, and sales.
  • Marpipe: Automated ad-testing, data-driven ad templates, and hundreds of memes generated in minutes!
  • Clean Stop: Cleaner bathrooms and immediate-use hygiene products for the post-Covid world. Coming to NYC soon.
  • 30 in 30 by Dickie Bush.
  • Staying accountable in Compound Writing group.
  • Stealth meta-meta-podcast.
  • Stealth comedy gaming app.
  • Stealth 'path to good writing' website.
  • Stealth data-driven tea co.
  • This website.