Why I Am

I watched too much Pinky & the Brain as a kid and thought I could take over the world. After intense economics and psychology studies in school, I know that's an impossible dream.

So I'm doing the next best thing: aiding human survival. Below are my supporting core beliefs. Please dissect them, object to them, and otherwise refine them with me. Happy to argue any time. Contact me here to discuss. I'll add a comments section soon.

Core Beliefs

  • To know how best to live, we must fully understand reality.
    • Until we fully understand reality, we must do everything we can to accelerate understanding of reality i.e. learn faster. (*Update: This has apparently been understand for over a decade by Eliezer Yudkowsky and others who named it "Recursive Self-Improvement".
      • To do everything we can to learn faster, we must exist long enough to learn fully about reality.
      • Accordingly, we must prioritize learning about threats to the species and to the existence of the universe, in that order.
      • The human experience is a balance of rapidly learning and applying knowledge to survive better.

Some auxiliary beliefs

  • Humanity is primitive. We believe we're advanced because (barring anything like the incineration of the Library of Alexandria) we always consciously exist closer to truth than ever before.
  • Humanity's quanta are relationships.
    • Relationships should aim to maximize unique emergent value i.e. outcomes possible only at the intersection of the individuals involved.
      • Every human is valuable by way of their unique combination of attributes interacting with yours.
    • Relationships are the core of happiness and unhappiness. Without others, there's no incentive or positive outcome to living.
    • Happiness is genuine, optimal conscious experience.
  • Reality is truth is a deeply embedded, infinitely complex context in which everything is connected.
    • Everything is interesting if you pay attention to its infinitely complex subtleties.
  • "Today is forever." i.e. time is always perceived in the moment.
  • Science, technology, and systems-thinking are humanity's most powerful tools to understand reality. We should work to accelerate the functionality of these tools.